The Last New York Times

If that newspaper ever existed, then somewhere, at least in some obscure and never-visited archive, should lie a copy of Rockefeller’s New York Times.

The Last New York Times, translated by José Ángel Navejas and published by Katakana Editores, is a novel in three acts about the same obsession: to be able to read a newspaper written for another person, a famous and wealthy one with very specific needs, and because of that, the desire to read a kind of forbidden book.

Marc Zimmerman said:

El último New York Times centers on the research project that Ordóñez undertakes about a myth, through a fiction about Rockefeller and then through the Venezuelan writer’s “own quest that will lead him to the adventure in which reality becomes a lie.” However, it would be important to specify the nature of what is in fact a fiction about fictions.

You can read a fragment at Latin America Literature Today.